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April 20, 2019

JFK Arena

Rome, NY

  1. Johnny Moran and Rick Rekon defeated Ataxia (6:23)

  2. Lenn Oddity defeated Rob Cook (6:33)

  3. Order and Justice (Dick Justice & Pete D. Order) defeated The Killer Steves (Steve Kruz & Steve McKenzie) (6:45)

  4. Mike Verna defeated Talon (10:40)

  5. Christina Marie defeated Holidead (11:38)

  6. Joe Gacy defeated Garrett Holiday (13:57)

  7. Papadon defeated Tommy Dreamer (14:31)

  8. JT Dunn defeated Jaxon Stone (14:28)

  9. Brute VanSlyke defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky (13:19)

  10. ICW Heavyweight Championship: Slyck Wagner Brown (c) defeated Bin Hamin (8:12)

In the opening match of the night, Rick Rekon looked to get revenge on Ataxia with the help of Johnny Moran. Despite the interference of Bishop on the outside, Ataxia took their first pinfall loss in ICW. After a back and forth match, the "Cyborg Assassin" was able to catch Bud with an RKO for the victory. Bud and Fury were not willing to accept defeat and attacked both Rekon and Moran after the match with some help from Bishop, Red, and Coffin. Garrett Holiday, who has had issues with Ataxia in the past, ran out with a chair to chase the bikers away.

After the first match, ICW Owner Mike King came to the ring to introduce the new General Manager. It was former 2CW Champion Isys Ephex. Isys promised to give the fans a great show and the matches that they want to see.

The second match featured fan-favorite Lenn Oddity taking on the debuting Rob Cook. Cook is a veteran of twenty years and has held championships throughout the Northeast. Despite taking a Samoan Drop from the second rope early in the match, Cook was able to recover and he threw powder in Oddity's eyes. Referee Sideburns checked on the blinded Oddity, but Oddity, thinking it was Cook, gave him a Dick Punch of Doom. Cook laughed before hitting Oddity with a low-blow of his own and going for the pin but unfortunately for him, there was no referee. By the time Fenton got to the ring to replace Sideburns, Oddity was able to recover and hit Cook with the Dick Punch of Doom to score the win.

Up next was a rare match for the Killer Steves. Steve Kruz and Steve McKenzie have only teamed a few times since Kruz's retirement in late 2012. Their opponents, Pete D. Order and Dick Justice, hadn't teamed up in over five years. Despite the time off, Order and Justice didn't miss a beat and after jumping the Killer Steves before the bell, they were able to pick up the win with a big splash from Dick Justice.

The next match was originally scheduled to be a rematch between Sean Carr and Bobby Ocean. After both men pulled out the week before the show, Mike Verna and Talon agreed to come in on the short notice. Both men have shared a ring man times, both as opponents and as teammates, and it showed. Verna size and strength gave him the early advantage but Talon was able to fight back and almost pick up the win by targeting Verna's arm. Despite losing much of his strength due to the injury, Verna was still able to hit the Krypton Bomb for the win.

Up next was a women's match as "Courageous" Christina Marie took on Women of Wrestling and Women of Honor star Holidead. From the moment she crawled through the curtain, Holidead was playing mind games with her opponent. On her way to the ring, she also terrified some of the fans but Christina was not afraid. The two women went back-and-forth in what may have been one of the toughest matches of their careers. While Christina usually has the strength advantage, Holidead was bigger and very powerful. The two women fought all over the ring and the ringside area. Near the end of the match, both women had the same idea and went for a headbutt. Holidead recovered first and went for a kick but Christina countered with a powerbomb to get the win.

After intermission, Garrett Holiday took on Joe Gacy in the biggest match of his career. Gacy has held gold all over the country. He is a 3-time CZW Wired Champion, 2-time CZW Heavyweight Champion, and a current EVOLVE Tag Team Champion. Holiday gave everything he had in one of the best performances of his career, but in the end it wasn't enough to overcome the experience edge of Gacy. After battling each other for 14 minutes, Gacy was finally able to hit his Handspring Cutter to pick up the win. After the match, Ataxia entered the ring through the crowd. After Holiday stopped them earlier in the evening, they wanted revenge. Due to the beating he suffered at the hands of Ataxia, Holiday will miss Immortal Legends in May.

The next match featured 20-year veteran and Conspiracy Horseman Greek God Papadon taking on former ECW Champion and 30-year veteran Tommy Dreamer. The match resembled one from Dreamer's ECW days as the two men battled around the ring for several minutes. During this time, Dreamer took a replica title from a fan and hit Papadon with it. Papadon tried to battle back but instead Dreamer threw him into the front row. Just as it looked like Dreamer was going to win, Papadon 's partner, Bin Hamin, ran out to cause a distraction. Papadon took advantage and caught Dreamer with a Piledriver to end the match.

In match number eight, Indy Superstar JT Dunn faced off with International Superstar Jaxon Stone. Both men were talking trash leading up to the fight with Stone promising to make Dunn relevant again and Dunn promising to give Stone his 15 minutes of fame. What followed was one of the best matches in Immortal Championship Wrestling history as both men trading punches, forearms, chops, and kicks for almost fifteen minutes. Both men had their moments throughout the contest but in the end, Dunn put Stone to sleep with Death by Elbow.

Match nine was a battle of the big men as Brute VanSlyke collided with Wrecking Ball Legursky. Both giants have had impressive careers with Brute holding wins over Michael Elgin and Necro Butcher, while Wrecking Ball has defeated the likes of Flip Gordon and Jack Swagger. Brute had a lot of momentum going into the match after a win of Terrell Kenneth last month and he was looking to spoiler the debut of Wrecking Ball. The two hosses put on a hard-hitting contest and showed impressive strength and agility. Late in the match, Brute climbed to the top rope and attempted to hit a crossbody, but Wrecking Ball caught him in mid-air and slammed him to the mat. Brute was able to recover minutes later and hit the Lariat to finish off his opponent.

The main event of the night was the grudge match between Slyck Wagner Brown and Bin Hamin for Brown's ICW Heavyweight Championship. Hamin attacked Brown after he won the title back in February and SWB has wanted to get his hands on him ever since. Hamin played his usual mindgames leading into the match, including several videos filmed in Slyck's home country, Jamaica. Hamin declared himself the true king of Jamaica and convinced several Jamaicans to verbally attack SWB on video. Before the match could begin the champion dove out of the ring onto Hamin and brawled with him outside of the ring. By the time both men made it into the ring, and the match officially began, Hamin was in complete control. Hamin beat the champion down for several minutes before Referee Sideburns was inadvertently knocked out. This led to Papadon coming out to help Hamin attack SWB. Tommy Dreamer followed a few minutes later and chased Papadon away. As Hamin was distracted by Dreamer and Papadon, Slyck recovered enough to hit his Slingshot Lariat and retain his belt. After the match, Slyck Wagner Brown and Tommy Dreamer called for a tag match against Bin Hamin and Papadon at a later date

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