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December 1, 2018

East Hill Elementary School

Canajoharie, NY

  1. Mike Skyros defeated Johnny Moran (8:48)

  2. Lenn Oddity defeated Dick Justice (6:54)

  3. Ataxia (Bash & Bud) defeated Kenny Roberts & Wayno (14:26)

  4. Sean Carr defeated Garrett Holiday, Nick Sullivan, Rick Rekon, and Shane Alden in a 5-way elimination match (14:13)

  5. Robo defeated Nick Ando (11:37)

  6. Christina Marie defeated Ariela Nyx (7:35)

  7. Jack Swagger defeated Slyck Wagner Brown (7:29)


In the first match of the night, Moran seemed ​to be on his way to a win, when Kevin Cartwright caused a distraction and allowed him to hit Moran with the Shining Wizard for the victory.

"Tattooed​ Ugly" Lenn Oddity quickly became a fan favorite with his antics before the match. Dick Justice hit a low-blow after distracting the referee, but was unable to capitalize. Later in the match, Oddity returned the favor and felled the giant with a low-blow of his own, picking up the victory.

Originally scheduled for a singles match, Kenny Roberts and Wayno had to join forces when Ataxia ran in from the crowd  to attack Wayno during his entrance. Security managed to break up the brawl when, General Manager, Mike King told the group that if they wanted to work for ICW they had to earn it. Ataxia was able to earn contracts with a win and continued the beat-down afterwards. Mr. Mann chased the group off and then shocked everyone by attacking his long-time friend, Wayno, with the help of Kenny Roberts.

Sean Carr and Garrett Holiday were late additions to the match, but they made the most of it by being the last two standing. Carr was able to defeat Holliday with the tombstone piledriver, securing his spot in the inaugural ICW Heavyweight Championship match at February's show.

Robo the Punjabi Lion and "Captain" Nick Ando went back and forth for more than ten minutes before Robo was able to hit the Spear and get the pin.

Due to a family emergency, Riley Shepard pulled out of her match with Christina Marie. Ariela Nyx stepped in on a days notice, but was unable to overcome "Courageous" Christina Marie.

In the night's main event Slyck Wagner Brown, a veteran of more than twenty years, pulled out all of his dirty tricks; including jumping Swagger from behind before the bell and taking out senior offical "Sideburns". In the end, he was unable to survive the ankle lock and was forced to tap out.

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