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Return of the immortal

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Match Results:

Christina Marie (c) defeats Veda Scott (9:20)

holliday vs brute 2 return.png

Nick Sullivan & Tyler Vincent defeat The Dying Breed (8:09)

skyros vs johnny return.png

Blaze Haram (w/Bin Hamin) defeats Rick Recon (c) (13:59) - TITLE CHANGE

mattick vs danny return.png

Papadon (c) defeats Rhett Titus (20:26)

christina vs veda return.png

Brute VanSlyke (w/Father Derek) defeats Richard Holliday (14:40)

destroyers vs dying return.png

Mike Skyros defeats Johnny Moran (8:14)

blaze vs recon return.png

Danny Atom defeats Mattick (9:56)

The Carnage Crew (Justin Credible & Loc) defeat Ataxia (Damian Slade & Nightmare) (6:04)

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