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May 18, 2019

Johnstown Eagles Club

Johnstown, NY

  1. Lenn Oddity defeated Wayno (7:42)

  2. Mike Skyros defeated Rick Recon by Disqualification (6:33)

  3. Ricky Williams defeated Jason Sinclair (6:42)

  4. The Street (Angel Kross & Elite Terrell) defeated Ataxia (Bud & Fury) by Disqualification (7:07)

  5. Street Fight: Wrecking Ball Legursky defeated Axel Lennox (9:20)

  6. Nick Sullivan vs. Terrell Kenneth went to a draw (15:54)

  7. Ray Lyn defeated Kaitlin Diemond (10:00)

  8. Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Tyler Vincent (16:34)

  9. ICW Heavyweight Championship: Slyck Wagner Brown (c) vs. Brute VanSlyke went to a No Contest (10:44)

The night kicked off with Lenn Oddity taking on Wayno. Wayno broke the rules several times throughout the match in response to Oddity taking away his MAGA hat. Every time Wayno committed a foul, Oddity would respond in kind, including hitting a suplex with his fingers in Wayno's nose. Eventually, Sideburns grew tired of the cheating and turned away with his head in his hands. Oddity took the opportunity to land the Dick Punch of Doom, but hurt his own hand instead. Wayno stuck his hand down his pants and laughed as he revealed a cup. Unfortunately for Wayno, he got hit with another Dick Punch of Doom when he turned around. Tattooed Ugly tapped Sideburns on the shoulder to tell him the match was over and then got the pin. After the match, Oddity wasn't finished as he shoved the cup in Wayno's face.

After finally getting a win over Ataxia last month in Rome, Rick Recon was looking to prove himself against a former title challenger in Mike Skyros. Recon once again had to deal with interference throughout the match as Skyros brought his drummer, Kevin Cartwright, to ringside with him. Both men put on a back-and-forth, technical match with several nearfalls with Skyros surviving Recon's RKO. After more than ten minutes of action, the members of Ataxia jumped the guardrail, but instead of attacking Recon they first went after Skyros, giving him the win by disqualification. Cartwright quickly helped Skyros escape and Ataxia turned their attention to Recon. Ataxia left Recon laying in the center of the ring before leaving to prepare for their match later in the night.

The third match of the night featured the return of Jason Sinclair taking on "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams. Williams declared that his home country of Canada was better than the USA and demanded that the fans stand and show him respect. The fans refused to do as he asked and Sinclair mocked him by wearing a chicken mask that a fan brought to the show. While wearing the mask, Sinclair was in complete control but, thanks to an assist from Mr. Mann, Williams caught Sinclair with a roll-up and held the tights to hand Sinclair his second loss in Immortal Championship Wrestling.

Up next was the debut of the Street as they took on Ataxia, who were making their second appearance of the night. Elite Terrell and Angel Kross took control early as Bud and Fury couldn't match their speed and athleticism. After a few minutes Fury was able to hurt Kross' leg and Ataxia was able to take over. Despite the injury, the Street put up a good fight and almost won the match but the other members of Ataxia jumped them to cause the disqualification. After the match, Ataxia continued their beatdown until Rick Rekon ran out for revenge. He cleared the ring of Ataxia and challenged them to a match against his squad at Immortal Things in June.

Shooter Storm entered the ring with his bodyguard and proceeded to insult all of the fans in attendance and the talent in the back. He bragged about working for WWE over the weekend and declared himself the toughest man at the show. Axel Lennox was not impressed with Shooter and took out his bodyguard while Storm ran away. Lennox wanted more competition and called out anyone in the back for a streetfight. Wrecking Ball Legursky answered the challenge and the two men proceeded to fight all over the ring and the ringside area for almost ten minutes. In addition to getting slammed into the guardrails and the ring steps, both men traded dozens of chops each. Late in the match, Lennox hit a cutter and got a nearfall, but Legursky was able to recover and hit the Wrecking Ball Slam to pick up the victory.

After intermission was the long-awaited rematch between "The Natural" Nick Sullivan and "The Destroyer" Terrell Kenneth. In their first meeting, two years ago, Sullivan was victorious but both men have improved greatly since that match. The match started off slow with both men playing to the crowd but it didn't take long for both men to start trading chops and forearms. After a few minutes the match moved to the outside of the ring with Kenneth in complete control. Sullivan was able to take advantage of a distraction by Mr. Mann and he slammed Kenneth onto the floor. After that Sullivan was able to take control for a period of time and the match returned to the ring. Eventually, Kenneth made a comeback and even hit a crossbody from the top rope. Sullivan tried for a top rope maneuver of his own but was countered with a powerbomb. Kenneth tried for a running crossbody but was caught by Sullivan with a powerslam. After trying for it throughout the match, Sullivan was finally able to land a german suplex near the end of the contest. Once Kenneth was able to take back control of the match, he climbed to the top rope, looking for another crossbody. Before he could jump, Sullivan stopped him and brought him back to the mat with a superplex. Referee Sideburns almost made it to a ten count before both men made it to their knees and started trading strikes. The exchange ended with a double headbutt and this the referee was able to reach a count of ten. The match was declared a draw after nearly sixteen minutes, making it the longest match in ICW history. Neither man was satisfied with the result and continued to brawl until Kenneth ejected Sullivan and promised to win their next encounter.

The seventh match of the night was a women's match featuring two debuts. Ray Lyn, fresh off a tour of Japan, faced off with international star Kaitlin Diemond. Diemond used her size and strength to out grapple Lyn for most of the match. Whenever Lyn had a chance she would use her speed advantage to land kicks and knees. After a back-and-forth ten minutes, Ray Lyn was able to connect with a spinning kick to the head of Diemond that led to the pinfall.

The next match was the highly anticipated debut of Brian Pillman Jr. as he faced of with "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent. Vincent, a local star, had just as much fan support as Pillman with the crowd being split down the middle throughout the contest. Both men fought all over the ring and the ringside area for more than sixteen minutes; breaking the record that Kenneth vs. Sullivan set earlier in the night. As a student of Lance Storm, Pillman had the edge in technical wrestling, while Vincent was the more powerful striker. The match was closely contested throughout the sixteen minutes. While Vincent was able to land his Spear, he couldn't connect with the Scissors Kick as Pillman countered with a Straight Jacket Neckbreaker to pick up the win.

The main event was for the ICW Heavyweight Championship as "The Underground King" Slyck Wagner Brown defended his title against "The Beast from the Northeast" Brute VanSlyke. Since coming up short in the inaugural title match back in February, Brute has picked up wins over Terrell Kenneth and Wrecking Ball Legursky. Leading up to the show, Brute contacted ICW management and demanded a title shot. The match played out similarly to the finals of the Gauntlet for the Gold with Brute dominant in the beginning and SWB coming back later in the contest. As usual in Brute's matches, Father Derek got involved, but this time he was ejected by Sideburns. Eventually, the Champion was able to connect with his Slingshot Lariat and made the cover but the referee was unconscious. Before Sideburns could get up and make the count, someone from the crowd ran into the ring and attacked SWB, causing the match to end in a no contest. The assailant revealed himself as Dylan Bostic, a man who has held gold all over the world. He announced that he wanted to add the ICW Heavyweight Championship to his collection before leaving the same way entered the building. After he got back to his feet, Slyck asked ICW Owner Mike King to let him defend his title in a no hold barred, three-way match against both Brute VanSlyke and Dylan Bostic next month in Schenectady.

Immortal Legends (5_18_19)
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