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Kombat II

For Full Results:


February 15, 2020

OESJ High School

St. Johnsville, NY

  1. The Crucible (Devantes & Tunku Amir) defeated The Spoiler & ZERO (7:40)

  2. Danny Atom defeated Blaze Haram (7:13)

  3. Ataxia (Bud & Slade) defeated The Sons of Wrestling (Brandon Lee  Cadilak Jonez) (8:27)

  4. Brute VanSlyke defeated Ryan Fraust (3:58)

  5. Axel Lennox vs. Mattick ended in a double DQ (1:51)

  6. ICW Dippin' Donuts 24/7 Championship: Referee Sideburns defeated Garrett Holiday and Justin Credible and Mike Skyros (6:35)

  7. ICW Dippin' Donuts 24/7 Championship: Justin Credible defeated Referee Sideburns (c)

  8. ICW Dippin' Donuts 24/7 Championship: Mike Skyros defeated Justin Credible (c)

  9. ICW Women's Championship #1 Contendership: Kennedi Copeland defeated Karen BamBam (7:34)

  10. ICW Northeast Championship: Rick Recon (c) defeated Simon Gotch (12:21)

  11. Johnny Moran defeated Isys Ephex (7:42)

  12. The Natural Destroyers (Nick Sullivan & Terrell Kenneth) defeated To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) (10:29)

  13. ICW Heavyweight Championship: Papadon defeated Robo and Sean Carr (c) (10:10)

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