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Kombat I

For Full Results:


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February 9, 2019

Elks Lodge #101

Amsterdam, NY

  1. Ataxia (Bud & Fury) defeated Matt Montana & Ray Jaz (6:32)

  2. Qualifying Match 1: Brute VanSlyke defeated Axel Lennox (7:10)

  3. Qualifying Match 2: Bobby Ocean defeated Manny Martinez (8:16)

  4. Qualifying Match 3: Garrett Holiday defeated Rick Rekon (11:43)

  5. Qualifying Match 4: Tyler Vincent defeated Antoine Nicolas (11:22)

  6. Qualifying Match 5: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Nick Sullivan (7:32)

  7. Qualifying Match 6: Kyle Brad defeated Robbie E (6:51)

  8. Lenn Oddity defeated Ricky Williams and Dicky Moon (5:43)

  9. Kenny Roberts defeated Wayno (8:21)

  10. ICW Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Brute VanSlyke, Bobby Ocean, Garret Holiday, Tyler Vincent, and Kyle Brad (14:05)


The night started off with a pre-show tag team match between Ataxia and Damian Adams students Matt Montana and Ray Jaz. Ataxia underwent some membership changes, after earning a contract at New Beginnings, replacing Bash with long-time veteran Sgt. Fury. Ray Jaz, an All-American wrestler, looked to make a difference with his amateur background, but the experience of Fury was to much for the rookie. Taking advantage of a distraction by the rest of Ataxia, Fury hit a codebreaker for the win. Unfortunately, Ataxia was not satisfied with just winning and beatdown their opponents after the match. Garret Holiday ran to the ring with a chair and Ataxia fled to the back.

As the show officially began, Mike King made his way to the ring to unveil the ICW Heavyweight Championship. With him was belt-maker James Quackenbush. After revealing the belt, King wished the competitors luck and vacated the ring to begin the first match.

In the first qualifying match of the night, "The Beast from the Northeast" Brute VanSlyke took on "The Brew-zer" Axel Lennox. Both men were looking to brawl in their debut and almost half of the match took place outside of the ring. Luckily for both men, neither were counted out and after seven minutes, Brute finally found the opening he was looking for and nailed Lennox with the Lariat.

The second qualifying match featured two more debuts as Bobby Ocean faced off with "El Jefe" Manny Martinez. Martinez has been on several shows in Amsterdam in the past and had the crowd behind him from the start. Ocean is a veteran of more than a decade and also a trainer at the Test of Strength school. Ocean's experience played a factor here and he was able to tune out the crowd long enough to hit the One Hitter Quitter and get the pin.

The third qualifying match was between the "Last Outlaw" Garrett Holiday and the "Cyborg Saiyan" Rick Rekon. Both men received their training in the Albany area with Rekon training at the XWA Academy and Holiday at the IYF Academy. Holiday and Rekon were very evenly matched and went longer than any other qualifying match at almost twelve minutes. Although Rekon was able to escape earlier in the match, the second time Holiday locked in the Anaconda Vice, Rekon passed out.

In the fourth qualifying match, "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent took on Antoine Nicolas. Vincent has held gold in several companies in the northeast and Nicolas, a newcomer was recently featured on Botchamania. Nicolas used his high-flying style to take the fight to Vincent, but in the end, it cost him. As Nicolas came off the ropes for a springboard maneuver, Vincent caught him with a spear and picked up the victory.

The fifth qualifying match featured "The Underground King" Slyck Wagner Brown against "The Natural" Nick Sullivan. Sullivan took advantage early by using his amateur skills and wrestling SWB to the mat. Slyck used his superior striking ability and his agility to make a comeback before hitting the Slingshot Lariat for the win.

The sixth and final qualifying match was between two friends who were willing to do whatever it took to leave with the belt. "Too Rad" Kyle Brad and Robbie E had the shortest qualifying match of the night at just under seven minutes. The two men know each other very well and in the end, Kyle was able to catch Robbie by surprise with a quick roll-up. The field of twelve was down to six as we went into intermission.

The first match after intermission was a three-way between "Tattoed Ugly" Lenn Oddity, "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams, and Hippy Dicky Moon. Williams and Moon were able to keep Oddity outside of the ring for most of the match, but after the referee was knocked out Lenn took advantage. After hitting both of his opponents with Shattered Dreams, Oddity pinned Mr. Canada for the win.

Match nine was a grudge match between long time friends and teammates Wayno and Kenny Roberts. Roberts recently shocked the fans by turning on Wayno after a loss and joining Mr. Mann. Roberts' new attitude paid off and earned him a victory over Wayno.

The main event was the gauntlet match for the ICW Heavyweight Championship between the six men that qualified earlier in the night.

Garrett Holiday was the first to enter the ring, followed by Kyle Brad. Ataxia interfered after a few minutes to get revenge for earlier. They attacked Brad, getting Holiday disqualified, before chasing him to the back. The next entrant was Tyler Vincent. Mr. Must See looked reluctant to take advantage of Ataxia's handiwork and paid for it when Brad caught him with a roll-up. The fourth entrant was Bobby Ocean. Kyle Brad survived two opponents but his luck ran out against the Test of Strength Heavyweight Champion when Ocean connected with the One Hitter Quitter. Entrant number five was Slyck Wagner Brown. After a back and forth match, SWB hit the Slingshot Lariat and eliminated his fellow trainer. The final entrant was also the biggest man in the match, Brute VanSlyke. Brute and SWB were both long time members of the 2CW roster, but this was a first time meeting. Brute used his size and strength to take the early advantage, but he couldn't put Slyck away. The match ended with SWB once again hitting the Slingshot Lariat to become the first-ever ICW Heavyweight Champion.

ICW Owner Mike King and ICW sponsor/commentator Dimitrios Zourdos, from Dippin' Donuts, entered the ring to present Slyck Wagner Brown with the belt. Unfortunately, the celebration was cut short as Bin Hamin attacked Slyck from behind. The locker room emptied and Hamin escaped through the crowd, but he made his intention to challenge for the title very clear.

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