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ICW Northeast Championship

1. Bin Hamin

def. Garrett Holiday, Johnny Moran, and Rick Recon at Redemption (8/24/19)

1. dq vs. Garrett Holiday at Immortal 08 (9/21/19)

2. Rick Recon

def. Bin Hamin at Ring Wars (11/23/19)

1. def. Simon Gotch at Immortal Kombat II (2/15/20)

Bin Hamin

Bin Hamin became the first-ever ICW Northeast Champion by winning the four-way elimination match at Redemption to crown the inaugural ICW Northeast Champion.

def. Johnny Moran, Garrett Holiday, Rick Recon

1. DQ vs. Garrett Holiday at Immortal08 (9/21/19)



The 2019 Superstar of The Year Rick Recon won the ICW Northeast Championship by defeating Bin Hamin at the last show of 2019, Ring Wars.

def. Bin Hamin at Ring Wars (11/23/19)

1. def. Simon Gotch at Immortal Kombat II (2/15/20)

2. def. Nick Sullivan, Mike Skyros, Kennan Moore at NFW Presents No More Tears



Blaze Haram became the new ICW Northeast Champion at ICW XII: Return of The Immortal by defeating the longest reigning champion Rick Recon with an assist from Bin Hamin.

def. Rick Recon at ICW XII: Return of The Immortal (7/31/21)

1. def. Rick Recon in a Last Man Standing Match at Halloween Havok 2 (10/30/21)

2. def. Nick Sullivan at Immortal Things 2 (11/20/21)

blaze champ_edited.jpg


Garrett Holiday became the new ICW Northeast Champion when he defeated Bin Hamin in place of Blaze Haram at Immortal Things 3! Garrett has been at ICW since Day 1, competing in many first time ever matches and competed at one point for every ICW singles title and on the 20th event Holiday captured his first ICW title!

def. Bin Hamin and Joey Conway at Immortal Things 3 (7/16/22)

1. def. Blaze Haram at An Immortal Horror Story (8/13/22)

2. def. Cloudy at ICW22 (9/17/22)

3. def. Sean Carr at Halloween Havok 3 (10/22/22)

4. def. Cerin Rahne at Road To Immortality (4/29/23)

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