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March 16, 2019

OESJ High School

St. Johnsville, NY

  1. Dicky Moon defeated Kyle Brad (5:35)

  2. Rick Rekon defeated Wayno (5:14)

  3. Garrett Holiday & Rick Rekon defeated Ataxia (Bud & Fury) by DQ (7:08)

  4. Kate Carney defeated PJ Gonzalez (6:56)

  5. High Voltage Omar defeated Jason Sinclair (9:30)

  6. ICW Heavyweight Championship: Slyck Wagner Brown (c) defeated Mike Skyros (7:45)

  7. CJ Scott & Lenn Oddity defeated The Filthy Family (Big Cal Stevens & Dirtbag Dan) (8:06)

  8. Brute VanSlyke defeated Terrell Kenneth (15:10)

  9. TOS Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Ocean (c) defeated Antoine Nicolas (8:50)

  10. Billy Gunn defeated Tyler Vincent (10:21)


In the opening match of the night, Hippy Dicky Moon took on Kyle "With the Good Hair" Brad. Both men were making their returns to Immortal Championship Wrestling after debuting last month at Immortal Kombat. After a lose in his debut, Moon was looking to get his first win in ICW while Brad was looking to continue his winning ways. After going back and forth for 5 minutes, Moon was able to catch Brad with his own signature move, the roll-up.

The next match featured the new Wayno. After a beating at the hands of his former friend, Kenny Roberts, Wayno was born-again as one of Donald Trump's biggest supporters. Unfortunately for Wayno, the Space Force couldn't overcome the Cyborg Saiyan. After trying to pay Rekon to lay down, Wayno was hit with a stunner followed by an RKO to end the match.

After Ataxia cost him his chance at ICW gold last month, Garrett Holiday requested a match with Sgt. Fury. ICW owner Mike King granted his request but the match never happened. Before the bell could ring, Holiday was attacked by all of Ataxia, but his opponent from Immortal Kombat, Rick Rekon, came to his aid. Mike King decided to make a tag team match between Holiday and Rekon vs. Fury and Bud. Despite being in his second match in a row, Rekon was still relatively fresh and he and Holiday took the fight to Ataxia. Ataxia used all of their dirty tricks but in the end the couldn't get the victory. Before the team of Holiday and Rekon could get the win, the other members of Ataxia ran in the ring and beat them down. Despite losing the match, Ataxia stood tall in the ring, while Holiday and Rekon were helped to the back.

The next match featured two women making their debuts. Kate Carney was originally scheduled to face Karissa Rivera, but Rivera pulled out for personal reasons and PJ "The Whip" Gonzalez stepped in. Gonzalez used her size and strength advantage to control portions of the match, but in the end Carney was able to connect with a knee put the Whip out for the three count.

High Voltage Omar is a man that has held gold throughout the Northeast and he brought that experience to his debut against "the Living Weapon" Jason Sinclair, who was also debuting. For almost ten minutes both men went back and forth, evenly matched. The difference maker was Omar's manager, Mr. Mann. Mann got involved numerous times throughout the contest, including stepping in the ring when Omar was about to get pinned. Sinclair had finally had enough and dropped Mann with a punch, but this gave Omar the opportunity to score a roll-up. He also grabbed the tights behind the referee's back to ensure his victory.

The final match before intermission was for the ICW Heavyweight Championship, Slyck Wagner Brown defending against Mike Skyros. After winning the title last month at Immortal Kombat, Slyck was immediately attack by Bin Hamin. Hamin challenged Slyck to a match at Up in Smoke in April, but before that can happen, Slyck needed to ignore the mind games long enough to get past Skyros. Skyros has had success all over the Northeast and parts of Canada. He gave Slyck a very hard fight and even involved his drummer, Kevin Cartwright, but in the end the Underground King proved that he is the champion for a reason. SWB hit his trademark slingshot lariat to pick up the victory and retain his title.

After intermission, the show kicked off with tag team action. The Filthy Family fought Lenn Oddity and, stepping in on short notice for Axel Lennox, CJ Scott. The Filthy Family used their experience as a team to their advantage, cutting off the ring and hitting double-team maneuvers. Eventually, CJ Scott was able to make it to his corner and tag in Tattooed Ugly. Oddity took a low-blow but responded with the Dick Punch of Doom to score the pin on Big Cal Stevens.

The next match was the highly anticipated battle of the big men, as Brute VanSlyke fought Terrell Kenneth. These two giants put on arguably the match of the night, battling all over the ring and the ringside area. Both men put on a striking clinic of forearms and chops and nearly broke the ring. Brute showed off his athleticism with a Vader Bomb. Later on, Kenneth tried to show his agility with a top-rope splash, but Brute was able to roll out of the way. When Kenneth got up, he was in perfect posistion for a huge lariat from Brute which ended the match. Despite his loss, Terrell Kenneth received a standing ovation from the crowd and will certainly be back. After Kenneth left, the ring crew came out to make sure the battle didn't damage the ring.

After a brief intermission to allow the ring crew to work, the show moved on with the Test of Strength Heavyweight Championship. TOS Champion Bobby Ocean decided to give a huge opportunity to viral-video star Antoine Nicolas. Nicolas gave it all he had but he wasn't ready for someone with the experience of Bobby Ocean. Late in the match, Nicolas had a chance to win, but unfortunately, he still can't land the Shooting Star Press. After almost landing on his own head, Ocean connected with the One Hitter Quitter to retain his title.

The main event featured soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn versus "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent. Despite Gunn's fame, Tyler Vincent had a large support section and the crowd was solidly behind him. In the biggest match of his career, Vincent put on the performance of his career and even scored a near-fall over the 11-time WWE Tag Team Champion. In the end, Gunn's size and experience edge was too much for Vincent and he picked up the win with the Fame-Asser. After the match, Vincent grabbed a microphone and called for a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

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