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NFW Tag Team Match
The Vlog Bros University (Dante Drago & Jack Tomlinson) defeat The Process (Cody Love & TC Cooper) (6:44)

Carl Fowler Cup Four Way Match
Nick Sullivan defeats Danny Atom and Foxx Vinyer and Garrett Holiday (6:47)

ICW Dippin Donuts 24/7 Title Match
Mattick (c) defeats Joey Conway (1:26)

Singles Match
Brute VanSlyke defeats Johnny Moran (0:04)

Singles Match
Brute VanSlyke defeats John Wes (0:53)

IWA Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match
Richard Holliday (c) defeats Mike Skyros (20:15)

Singles Match
Shayne Stetson defeats Nightmare (7:30)

ICW Women's Title Match
Megan Bayne defeats Christina Marie (c) (9:50) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

Singles Match
Bin Hamin (w/Blaze Haram) vs. Rick Recon - No Contest (0:17)

Tag Team Match
Bin Hamin & Blaze Haram vs. Eric Jayden & Rick Recon - No Contest (8:46)

ICW Heavyweight Title Match
Papadon (c) defeats Mike Verna (16:11)

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